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Landing Pages can Make Nuns Curse!

Love them or hate them landing pages are for commercial websites the most valuable of website pages.  They can make you rich or poor very easily.  They are both cruel and unforgiving, and when a landing page goes wrong you always feel it is laughing at you.  This post looks at why your landing page is laughing at you, and why you just heard that nun use the ‘c’ word.

Hopefully, by applying a few tweaks you can turn the tables on your landing page and start making conversions.

Landing Page Tweaks that Make or Break you

This poor creature just saw her Google Adwords bill

One of the irritating things about landing pages is that one tweak can make all the difference to how well they perform.  Add a button, change the colour of the form, change the wording of a button, and indeed look at the landing page with one eye closed can strangely, make a difference to how it performs.

Right now, I don’t want to talk about landing pages in terms of Google quality score, as that is another blog entirely.  So let’s look at factors which may govern whether or not you get a conversion.

Context Between Traffic Driver and Landing Page

Much has been written about context between landing page ad and landing page.  Especially in regards to wallet sapping Google Adwords.  It is essential that your ad and landing page are on the same page as it were.   That context exists between them.

I would say that whatever your ad copy is, should appear prominently on the landing page.  So if I was going to run an ad campaign for this blog post.  I would use ad copy like this;

Landing Page Issues that Make Nuns Curse

Make your Landing Pages Convert

I can ensure your landing pages are well designed.

As you can see word for word it the first two lines match.  This is the context.  If I wrote the Ad like this the conversion would fail;

Improve your ROI from landing pages

Make more sales 

Build your brand and business

There is nothing wrong with the ad’s selling points, but it is rubbish in context with this page.  There is no context between the ad and the landing page.

As we’re pumped on the subject of context, why not create them for all traffic drivers.

This includes:

  • Banner ads
  • Pay per click ads
  • Social media updates – That surprised you I can tell
  • Meta descriptions – Now we’re getting into uncharted territory and no doubt the nun is interested
  • Guest posts – Not always possible but have a try
  • Newsletters and e-shots

In fact anywhere you place a link to your landing page.  Always ensure context is present.

Link Ratios

I know what you’re thinking nun, what the f**k is a link ratio?  Let me explain.  Link ratios are the amount of links on a landing page to the amount of links you want your visitor to click. So the ideal is 1:1.

This is not possible if you’re using Google Adwords as you need to feature privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.  Nonetheless, you should look to reduce your links on your landing pages considerably.  You do not want your visitors wandering off, even if it is on your site.  There is a great example of a landing page at the end of this post.  See, you do have an interest in reading this whole post.

Contact Forms

Good landing pages have forms or at the very least a button.  They tell the visitor what do next and make it easy for visitors to interact with your site.  And when I say easy I mean easier than Sunday Morning.

Forms should talk to your audience and be personal.  In the example below ‘Start your Free Trial’ is personal as it is ‘your’ free trial’.  If we scroll down we can see the call to action button is in a contrasting colour.  It is eye catching and it tells the visitor what to do.  ‘Sign up now’

Nun, you need button text that says ‘Perform ten hail Marys’ rather than ‘Submit’.

When you design forms make them easy to complete, and only collect the information you really need.  Make them too complex and off-putting and you’ll never get any conversions.  Unbounce spend their days and nights perfecting landing pages.  They recommend having a form in a different colour.  I tend to agree.

Call to Actions

As we have seen the button trumps click here by a billion percent.  Ensure you have a button on a landing page.  Instinctively we push buttons that’s what they are there for.  Although if you ever have the option to ‘Launch thermonuclear war’ try and resist pushing the button.

Hard and fast rules about landing page call to actions:

  • They should be buttons
  • They should be a contrasting colour to the form
  • They should have meaningful text; ‘Sign up’, ‘Begin teleportation’, ‘Order habit’, you get the idea.
  • They should catch the eye

The Hubspot Landing Page

I’ve broken down the HubSpot landing page as I feel it is a good one.

The landing page to sign up to Hubspot is interesting if you’re that way inclined.  Gone are all links that are on the other pages in the header.  The number of links on the top half of the form is 3.

Top of the Landing Page

The three links are: Hubspot Logo - goes back to the homepage, the telephone numbers, and Sales Enquiry on the left
The three links are: Hubspot Logo – goes back to the homepage, the telephone numbers, and Sales Inquiries tab on the left



I think of these links as positive links.  This is because they bring the visitor into contact with Hubspot staff.  Enabling a human to human sales process.

Bottom of the form

It also has a horny call to action button which ticks the boxes of horny call to action forms.  Awesome!

In between Hubspot have featured USPs to persuade the visitor to sign up.

Although I have not checked, I’m sure they would have done their homework to ensure that context ran between their traffic drivers and their forms.  Their link ratio is 7:1

They like you, do not want to hear nuns curse.

The bottom of the phone has two Google friendly links. ‘Legal Stuff’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ as well as a horny call to action button which is precise












Further reading:

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