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Selling a Sofa Online
Sofas like several other products and services are hard to sell online.  Our trusty couch really has to be tried before bought, and yet, brands and businesses are managing to sell their sofa product range online.

This tells me the power of visuals cannot be underestimated but surely it is more than that?  This post looks at how this can be done.

Picture Light Word Heavy

A little tale of a cycling business
For about a year now I’ve been working with a cycling company to improve their digital marketing.  I work as part of a multidisciplinary team.  The current landing pages we had which were picture light and word heavy, were underperforming, struggling to get above a 1% conversion rate.   After a little competitor research, I discovered something profound.  Pictures not words sell holidays.  The landing pages had to be image heavy and word light.

Anyway, last week I spent a lot of time designing and perfecting a landing page using  A landing page design tool.  So far, our conversions have increased fivefold so it’s looking optimistic!

Telling Stories Setting Scenes

And that brings me back to selling our sofa online.  It is a visual and tactile product.  We cannot convey tactile with either visuals or the written word, or can we?  A clever trick we copywriters use is to tell stories and set scenes.  So:

“You’ve had a hard day.  Work was pressurised, the journey home slow and stressful.  By the time you ate and showered, the night had disappeared.  But as you lay on your sofa with your shoes off and the TV on, you slowly begin to de-stress and unwind.  The comforting feel of the soft leather as you sink into your sofa is a blissful underrated experience.   Without realising it, you leave the turmoil of the day behind you.  That’s what a sofa should be about.”

This way you are kind of injecting not so much the tactile, but the feelings you have after a long day at work when  you unwind in front of the TV.  Ideally, you want your story or scene setting to reflect the target audience of your sofa.  So if the sofa is popular among families, you could talk about building memories, and sharing a book or a DVD for the Friday night treat.

For a sofa popular with couples, you could talk about snuggling up in front of the fire.

But what about the Images

Ah yes, let’s not forget about our pictures, they are worth a thousand words let’s face it.  For a sofa and any product for that matter, you want professional shots.  Try and avoid shots of the front of the sofa on a white background.  These rarely sell it.  Instead have your sofa photographed in a proper setting.  With your target audience sitting on it, and without.

Sliders can take away the magic of  a picture, so use full-width images, and put text over the top to sell it.

Other USPs

There are of course USPs which are universal.  Free delivery, interest-free credit, and next day delivery.  This can be the difference to someone buying your sofa, where they are prepared to sacrifice a few nights out just to get their bum on it, or someone deciding the sofa is that tad too expensive.

Call to Action

Won’t bang on too much about this, but a good CTA is essential and preferably a button.  “Unwind in style.”

How to Sell a Sofa Online Recap

  • Images – Professional quality images of your sofa product range in their natural environment
  • Story, Scene Setting – Bring your sofa to life to make it appealing for your customers reminding them of the pleasure it can bring.
  • Other USPS – Interest-free credit, free delivery etc to add the finishing touch to your sofa landing page.
  • A Buy me now CTA – The better your call to action the more conversions you will make.

If you are having trouble selling your products get in touch.  I can help you bring your products to life and advise on the best landing page layout.  Click here to achieve online success.

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Until next month, keep selling your products!


I am a UK based writer and digital marketer, with experience in promoting various businesses in the online sphere. My skills include but are not limited to copywriting, blogging, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, in-print writing, ad writing, and landing page optimisation. If you want to succeed online, get in touch.

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