How Social Media Engagement Influences Online Success

This post discusses Social Media engagement and how you can use it to fulfil the potential of your organisation. Here, I bring my knowledge and experience of sharing content via Social Media channels. This includes useful tips and tricks I have picked up from others along the way. Discover how to use Social Media effectively.

Social media can help you tap into new audiences and sell to existing ones providing you find the right groove

Social Media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool

Social Media has considerable influence on your success. In many respects it makes or breaks businesses and organisations all the time. Those that can create tweets, G+ updates, FB updates which catch the eye, tend to see the success.

Social Media Influences:

Direct Engagement with Future, Present, and Past Customers / Clients / Contributors

The most important aspect of Social Media Engagement is that you are sharing content directly with the people that matter. Your target audience and your peers. If you can focus their eye on your Tweet you have taken a step in turning a prospect into a lead. This creates other opportunities such as remarketing old content, products, etc, and you can use it to directly promote marketing campaigns. The latter being the most popular use of Social Media engagement.

Become a Social Media Influencer and an Authority in your Field

The other aspect to consider is that once you begin to publish and share your content you are becoming what’s known as a Social Media influencer. This is important and here’s why:

You build a reputation as someone who knows what they are talking about in their chosen field. In turn this leads to better trust which is essential for business and brand building.

Opportunities arise from being a leading figure on a subject. Interviews, guest blog opportunities and simply giving an opinion on a subject all makes for brilliant publicity. This can also include free exposure on optimum media outlets such as television and radio.

Hot tip: To become a Social Media Influencer it is about sharing content from others as much as sharing content of your own. I would recommend sharing content of your competitors if you feel it is worthy as well. Though this sounds like business suicide it shows readers two things:

1-You are not afraid of your competition such is the faith in your own organisation.
By only sharing the good stuff, you attract followers who rely on you to provide the best of the best in a chosen field. In turn this leads to people coming to you for advice. Effectivley they go from being a prospect to a lead. Publishing, sharing, commenting are all important to become a Social Media Influencer. The more you do this the more relevant followers you will attract. You also get a chance to show your knowledge to a wide audience.To that end ensure you follow people who are of use to you. Do not be concerned if they do not return the favour. Simply share the content you feel is worthy of somebody’s time.
2-In addition, you become aware of what your competitors are doing. This can be important depending on the nature of your business.

Hot tip 2: Use tools such as Hootsuite (to keep track and to update your acconts),Klout, and Followerwonk (no I’m not making it up that’s what they called it) to discover who are the top social media influencers in your field. Follow the influencers and share the content you feel is quality.

How do I Engage on Social Media?

Word Power

The inevitable question is simpler than you might think to answer. Like writing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, the choice of words is important. recently published a list of 189 words which convert. These included words from advertising guru David Ogilvy.

According to the author of the article the words which are best to encourage sharing content are as follows:

Tell us
The article is worth reading as it shares insight into the way we think as humans-. It will also give you another 180 words to ponder.

Your Target Audience and Social Media Engagement

With every social media update, you need to think about your target audience.

In general you should think about the following:

  • What your update means personally to the reader
  • Implications to the industry or subject matter.

I worked for a company who was contracted to write Social Media updates. Their clientele were mostly corporate in the various facets of recruitment. In that time they developed a way of creating three styles of update for each new blog post they published.

Each update would be either questioning, declarative, and imperative. So for example:

Questioning: Did you know that many business miss out on social media engagement? Click here to learn why
Declarative: Many business do not use social media effectively. Find out why by reading our post.
Imperative: Discover how you can improve social media engagement for online success by reading our latest post.

They posted predominantly on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and FB. Each Social Media platform received three updates each blog post, uniquely written. It is quite an effective way to engage, but it is important you take your target audience into account.

Social Media engagement takes a bit of tweaking to get results. It also requires that you network to forge connections, time allowing. I always thank new followers personally, and when time allows take a little time to get to know them. This always helps in the content sharing battle.

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Have you been involved in a Social Media campaign? Are there any recommended methods of engagement you feel have not been mentioned here? Are there hard and fast rules we should know about? Please leave your comment below

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