Copy Context and Conversion Love is like Voodoo

Ensure a Page is Sellable before promoting it if you’re an Affiliate Marketer

Look at Competitors and Experiment to find a Winning Formula


Copy Context and Conversion Love

Copy, context, and conversion can be a little like voodoo. Who can tell why some work and some fail?


I had an interesting conversation with a friend today about copy, context, conversions, and landing pages.  As you can see we both need to get out more.  She does a lot of affiliate marketing, and for this particular brand, (a leading hotel chain) she was generating plenty of leads but getting few conversions.  She asked for my advice.

I looked at one of her ads, and the landing page and straight away it was clear what the issue was.  There was no context between the ad and the landing page.

You see without context, you’re not going to get very far in your quest for world domination.  In fact, you will not get very far adding zeros to your bank account.  Taking my friend’s example, the landing page stated ‘Times Square Broadway’.  It was the first words you saw when you hit the page.  As an affiliate marketer, she had no control over the landing page.  So I advised that she matched the ad copy with the first words people see and include the unique selling points of the special offer.

I.e. Times Square Broadway

She then showed me some of the other, deep links she generated traffic for via social media.  This was a real car crash which shocked me given that it was a global brand.  The landing page was rubbish in every sense of the word, and contained very few unique selling points.  What few there were failed to demand attention.

I advised her not to bother trying to promote these pages, but rather the ones which were more likely to convert.  After my explanation she agreed.

Conversely, I have a different kind of copy, context, and conversion love issue with another client.  The copy and context is there, but we are not getting the conversions for the page.  I have just conducted a landing page review looking at competitors to work out the problem.

Copy, Context, Conversion, Landing pages, and all that Jazz

This just shows the issues that all of this conjures.  It is a little like voodoo in some respects.  Will the landing page work or won’t it?  Here are some of my thoughts on the issue.

  • What are you trying to sell? Make sure your USPs, (benefits not features), are visible and clear
  • Think about your industry and how others are doing it. Do they have big images and what are the images showing?  Can you relate these images to your target audience?
  • What are your customers /clients looking for? How do you want them to feel?
  • Be prepared to experiment with different styles of page. This means both text driven and image driven.
  • Context should run between traffic driver and landing page. ‘New York City Break’ falls on its arse when the first words a visitor sees are ‘Times Square Broadway’.

Affiliate Marketers

When generating traffic drivers, ensure your context is in place.  It is a waste of time otherwise, so choose what you promote with care.  If the business does not want to put in landing page love, it is best you look elsewhere for income.


I am a UK based writer and digital marketer, with experience in promoting various businesses in the online sphere. My skills include but are not limited to copywriting, blogging, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, in-print writing, ad writing, and landing page optimisation. If you want to succeed online, get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Copy Context and Conversion Love

  1. Hi Richard, a very good post 😉

    There is something more to watch when you run affiliate programmes:
    a) Does the agency/platform support you well when you have questions or a problem. If not ditch them.
    b) Does the product you offer fit to your audience?
    c) Is the commission attractive? This is a hard question. You run one single programme that’s product I like that much that I do not care about the commission really. As for the rest: I do!

    Have a nice day.

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