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Giveaways = Good Brand Building

Get your Customer/Client on your Side

Use giveaways to build your business and brand

There can be no doubt that everybody loves something useful and good for free.  So, imagine the response from a potential customer when they receive that from you.  A free download, or trial, or lite version of your product will make them appreciative at the very least.  The chances are they going to like you and at the very least they will remember you.  If we’re lucky, they will recommend their new free thing to the people they know.

The trick to a giveaway is that it gives customers and clients an incentive to interact with your business and brand.

What Makes a Good Giveaway?

Let’s look t giveaway options for your business and brand


A very common giveaway but a goodie.  Think of something your customers/clients will find useful and produce a download.  Many opt for a document based giveaways such as guides.  I have a few myself and I am planning a few more.  Others could be:

  • A free track or sample if your business is music orientated
  • Vouchers, preferably that can be used with your business
  • Reports, many businesses are eager to gain business intelligence
  • Trial Period of your App
  • A try before you buy is a classic. Hopefully, they will love it so much that they will become a customer

Giveaways and Email Marketing

When your future customers/clients come flocking to collect their giveaway, you must collect their email address.  This will give you opportunities to sell and brand build through email marketing.  If done correctly, email marketing is a powerful marketing and sales channel.

In many respects, this is the reason to provide a giveaway in the first place.

Make your Giveaway Compelling

For a giveaway to be compelling it has to push the buttons of your customer/client.  It must have irresistible qualities, which make it impossible to reject.  To work out what these are, answer these questions.

  • Who are your customers and clients?
  • Why do they want what you sell/offer?
  • What are their goals?
  • What would help them achieve this goal?

Your giveaway should help them achieve their goals and tie in to your product and service.  For example, I’m a copywriter.

  • My clients are businesses and self employed individuals
  • I can help them get their message to their target audience
  • To make their target audience respond to their message, often to sell a product or service via online channels
  • A guide to website copy, the subject of my next giveaway

Branding Importance

With Google and Bing giving more weight to brands on search engine results, giveaways and other branding exercises are becoming more important.  Some would argue essential.

What Next?

Let’s put a download together and get your message out there.  Simply click here and complete the form so you can achieve online success.

I am a UK based writer and digital marketer, with experience in promoting various businesses in the online sphere. My skills include but are not limited to copywriting, blogging, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, in-print writing, ad writing, and landing page optimisation. If you want to succeed online, get in touch.

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