What is a Brand?

Sure, you know what a brand is and while reading this probably already think of some names, logos and products.

Blogging increases website traffic and builds your brand in the mind of potential customers and clients.

Researchers found out that our favourite brands are a relief to our brains because we automatically buy these products. Let’s say you are looking for sparkling water. Without “your” brand you will stand in front of the shelf, reading labels and looking at different bottles. Not only this is time-consuming but as well you have to make a decision. The latter is something of which neuro-marketing specialists say that we do not like it since every decision bears a risk.

So we have to make sure that our clients see us a brand to which they automatically return.

Your Blog

So how are we going to become a brand? First of all the products that we offer must be good and cost-effective. But even the best product will not sell if nobody knows about it.

If you are an SME your marketing budget will be limited and you have to get the most out of your resources. Moreover, you need a platform to really talk to your clients and find business opportunities.

Maybe you think that you are very active on social media platforms which should suffice since you have no time left and you have lots of other things to care about.

I know you do, but there are good reasons why you should make your blog a priority:

  1. The amount of blogs is about 15 times smaller than the number of websites
  2. Google lists blog posts – at least if you are running WordPress – within only a few hours while it takes your website up to two weeks to be searchable
  3. You do not control the social media platforms but you do control your blog and your newsletter subscriber list

Get Started Now

I know how you feel because I started blogging some years ago and wish I had known then what I know now.

But you can get access to all the resources I use and tested by simply purchasing my e-book; Clever Communication.

It will make blogging much easier and more successful for you.  I introduce 33 great resources of which 26 a free of charge. You will find descriptions of each of them, and of course the links to where to download them.

With this e-book you will

  • Save money, since I share 26 great free resources and tools with you and introduce good premium services.
  • Have more time for productive PR since you do not have to a lot of research time for good tools
  • Have less trouble because I tested all the resources and know they work

The e-book covers the following subjects

  • Statistics and rules of blogging
  • Social media: scheduling and automatic distribution
  • WordPress plugins that I use
  • Blog Security
  • Image rights and image use
  • Audience Management
  • Branding and Trademarks
  • 33 resources
  • 3 giveaways

If you have a look at the article “Why Blog?” you will find information about the content of a blog and your target audience.

Brand Now

Do not hesitate do download the book right here. It is available with a 50% discount for a short time only.  Click here to download.


A registered trademark really protects and brands your business. If you register a trademark in one European country the registration in additional countries is typically less expensive. Make sure you register for the classes you really need and that go well with the brand’s name. Hexameter is a classical example; in more than one way. Get it now: Hexameter trademark for sale

After all, clients love brands and, therefore, keep coming back to you.

Brigitte Kobi is a target-oriented and entrepreneurial-minded Senior Project and Turnaround Manager with broad experience in Business Development. As well as comprehensive leadership and management skills she also has a keen eye for design perfection. Brigitte has successfully built and sold her business, and is considered to be an authority on leadership.
Her newsletter “Leadership & Lipstick” and her blog focus on leadership, business development, and design, sees Brigitte share her valuable experiences with us.
Both her blog and social media presence have a strong following, and she is often consulted about these topics by various parties. You can follow Brigitte on LinkedIn as she is always open to making new connections. Her thoughts and insights on leadership, business development, and design can be read on her blog.

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