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Motivate My Visitors to Buy

Selling online is in more than featuring your unique selling points. It is about pushing the buttons of your visitors to part with their cash. This goes beyond AIDA (Attention, Desire, Interest, Action) to our basest emotions of fear and desire.

At the end of the day you want to buy something because you need it (fear) or you want it (desire). Sometimes it's both.

My copy taps into these emotions and sells your business USPs.

Achieve Online Success.

Improve my Conversion Rates

If you’re e-shots are failing, your social media updates falling on death ears, or your PPC ads are driving traffic with no conversion love, the chances are you have copy with no context.  This often results in huge PPC bills and nothing more. One word can make a difference to an increase in conversions and better online business.  And that word isn’t humdinger.

It is not just poor links between copy and context that blocks conversions but it is often a factor.  I will align your copy from your traffic drivers to your landing page, as well as give you an analysis of your landing page and improve it.

My copy and know-how will considerably increase your landing page performance.

Achieve Online Success.

I Want Copy that Sells

It is not just about selling online you might have other aims.  Whatever they are you need copy that is going to get your message to the  online masses.

Your message whether it is written in an e-shot, a blog post, a press release, or a brochure, needs to be brought alive through a fusion of creativity and selling points.

It has to engage your readership.

My copy will switch on your message to make it clear and resounding in the ears of every reader.

Whether you’re selling products, services, your soul, or an idea, my copy will ensure that every reader understands it.  And your readers will want to engage with it.

Achieve Online Success.

Achieve Online Success

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